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The only thing constant in an ever-expanding universe is change. Technology is notorious for changing at a speed which even hardened technologists struggle to keep pace with.
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TAF Awards 2016
The start of July saw the Trade Association Forum annual Conference and Best Practice Awards which was, as usual, a remarkably informative and entertaining event - and a highlight in the calendar for Borough IT.
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Cyber security is a topic that is always on the agenda at Borough IT, however until recently it has failed to grip the national consciousness. The ongoing debacle at TalkTalk has changed all that – exposing the vulnerability of a major communications firm in allowing hackers to make off with the personal data (including bank details) of over four million UK customers.
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Held on Thursday the 9th of July, the TAF Best Practice Awards once again proved to be an outstanding event on the trade association calendar.
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Borough IT is pleased to announce its continued involvement with the Trade Association Forum (TAF) Best Practice Awards for 2015.
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