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Case Studies

Construction Industry Council
The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is a highly respected representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations within the construction industry.

What We Did

Committee Management System



Continued growth within the CIC meant the internal committee structure became increasingly complex, engendering a hectic and time-consuming calendar of events and conference calls. Additionally CIC would have the onerous task of collecting and collating feedback from dozens of committee members in order to compile and publish reports.


Peer review of documentation was necessary to raise and enforce standards in the construction sector and the unwieldy committee structure made this slow and expensive.


CIC knew the committees comprised talented and experienced individuals and were critical to the success and value of the Council.  There was never any question that the committees be disposed of or negated, but there was a clear necessity to find a faster, more efficient way of organising and communicating within the network.



Borough IT created a committee management solution that provided a secure online portal through which CIC could establish groups and subgroups for many different sets of members.  This allows:

  • Access to documents relevant to specific groups for comment, amendment, save or print.  Version control is also incorporated for accuracy and ease of reference.
  • Discussion of documents or other industry matters in private forums specific to that group or subgroup.
  • Events calendars specific to each group and subgroup - allowing the secretariat to keep members informed of upcoming events and deadlines and permit group members to RSVP or propose alternative dates.




The administrative department noticed immediate relief in the burden of activity required when organising upcoming committee meetings.  An event was simply created and invitations sent out along with relevant documentation.  Group members were able to RSVP to the invitation, and those that were unable to attend could suggest an alternative date.


Peer review of documents was dramatically improved and in addition to sharing version-controlled documents, discussion was facilitated in group-specific forums.


Bringing the committee process on-line provided CIC with an innovative management framework and enabled their committees to flourish as an efficient, collaborative tool for business - maximising the potential of this valuable pool of talented stakeholders.

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