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Borough IT's Competent Person Scheme System is the foundation of FENSA

Graham Hinett - CEO

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Competent Person Scheme System


Launched in 2002, FENSA is considered the most successful of the Competent Person Schemes and enables over 9000 window installation companies to register up to a million installations each year.




FENSA’s immediate success meant a surge in uptake which the infrastructure failed to support.  The IT system used by the scheme was heavily criticised for being slow and unresponsive; often unavailable and overly complicated.

As the essence of FENSA is ‘self-assessment’ – the system needed to be accessible and user-friendly to large numbers of tradesmen needing to register their domestic window installations.


The inability for the present system to cope with this demand significantly impacted FENSA’s reputation and led to complaints from installers.



Borough IT was contracted to devise a new system that would allow quick and simple job registration; solve issues on speed and responsiveness; and allow FENSA to respond efficiently to the needs of all members.

Creating a user-friendly interface with 24/7 availability was the first priority. This was achieved on-line in an intuitive system that was available on all browsers all of the time. Additional measures were added to allow installers without access to the Internet to notify installations by fax.


The lack of rules in the outgoing system created erroneous data which Borough IT identified, cleared-up and integrated into the new system. This provided FENSA with accurate, historic data - requiring no laborious re-keying process.



The re-invigoration of the IT infrastructure had a dramatic effect on FENSA – turning their technology from an embarrassing problem into a key business enabler. The IT system became so much of an asset that FENSA was approached by two other CP Schemes with a view to adopting the technology.

FENSA was able to reuse the IT system as the basis for a new Competent Person’s Scheme in a different sector – allowing them to roll this new initiative out at minimal cost and to start a successful new company with a very small staff.


As well as solving immediate problems and allowing FENSA to capitalise on new business opportunities, the Borough IT system has stood the test of time. Ten years later this system remains the means through which FENSA delivers the main product offering. There have been many changes in the way that FENSA works as well as those that affect the industry more broadly, however Borough IT has delivered a consistently excellent service and adaptable product.


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