Big Data... Lets deal with the small stuff first!

Big Data... Lets deal with the small stuff first!

Hello and Welcome back!

During this blog post I will be talking about Data Management, there is an update of “Out and About with Rob” (See Right) and I will be announcing the lucky competition winners!

How many organisations, big or small, can say they manage their data effectively? In the words of Gordon Ramsay – Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares:

“You are in denial!”

I think every organisation out there has room for improvement in this high profile business area…

Let’s look at 3 elements of Data Management:

1. Storage and Security

2. Search and Retrieve

3. Utilise and Display

1. Storage and Security – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has forced everyone to look at how they store and secure the data they hold. Organisations have been carrying out reviews of process for holding data to ensure compliance. The amount of data being held on people and organisations is growing all the time.

It is estimated that 4 of the largest data holders, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook hold around 1,200 Petabytes of data (1.2 Million Terabytes). There are an estimated 4.5 Billion Web Pages on the internet. Only scratching the surface…


2. Search and Retrieve – Think about the data you store… Emails, Products, Services, Price Lists, Communications, Suppliers and Customers, the list goes on and on and ON! Almost everything we create produces some kind of digital footprint, data that needs to be stored. With all this data at our fingertips how do we find it once it’s there, in its little digital folder? How do we mine and retrieve those aged nuggets of information? It could potentially be your next sale, the next big business deal, the one that means you can take the business to the next level… The big question... do you even know it’s there?

3. Utilise and Display – How do you gain value from the data you collect? Can you use it to spot trends, predict when people will buy or simply send an informative, relevant communication to a targeted audience? With data analytics and visualisation tools you can spot trends, report information, find out where your business is NOW and what path you take to get to where you WANT TO GO

Data is a minefield, however it is also a mine of opportunity. Decide what data is of value, what metrics you can use, how you capture the data and most importantly GET PERMISSION, GDPR is a big dog that has teeth! (well the ICO - Information Commissioners Office are the teeth)

There’s money in data, but handle with care…

Now for the fun stuff…


The lucky winners are…      

Abigail Chapman  Slimline Aluminium
Gurdip Sodhi  Orlo Tech
Phil Brown Pilkington UK Ltd
Jon Collins  ARMOR

The Amazon Echo Dots will be winging their way to you very soon… Once they arrive please send in selfies of you and the amazon echo dot to, or tag me in a social media post. Just for a bit of fun, we will get other readers to vote on the best pictures.

Charity News

I mentioned that I was going to be doing The National Three Peaks Challenge in my last blog. Good News! We managed to complete the challenge in 23.5 Hours and in doing so raised well over £1,000 for charity Bloodwise.

The office staff at FENSA also organised a tea and coffee morning and invited staff from all of the GGF businesses, they raised a fantastic £160 for Macmillan, GREAT EFFORT GUYS!

I will keep you up to date in future blogs around how we as group support various charities.

Next Time…

I will publish the winner’s selfies so you can vote for the best one, I’ll keep you up to date on my whereabouts with “Out and About with Rob.” I will also be introducing one of the Borough IT projects and the project team delivering it, thanks for reading…


All the best


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