Digital Transformation or Evolution, from caves to the cloud, digital change explained...

Digital Transformation or Evolution, from caves to the cloud, digital change explained...

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First of all I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that attended the FENSA Roadshows. I was fortunate to attend the events in the North West and they were great events. I hope you found them of value, any comments or feedback to help us improve are greatly appreciated… Those of you that didn’t make it, don’t worry, there will be more opportunities and we’ll keep you posted on the next venues and dates.

Thanks for those that took time to attend the recent meeting of the GGF – Window, Doors and Conservatory Association, I will be in touch very soon. People in Glazing, PIGS event in Birmingham was also a huge success! It was great to see such a wide mix of people from the industry and share time with you all, a thoroughly enjoyable evening! Its official I’m a PIG!

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We looked at project management and I introduced our software super heroes, if you need help get in touch…

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I am going to talk about Digital Transformation, is it a transformation or more of an evolution! I think both terms describe elements of digital change...

How are they different? The Oxford English Dictionary gives the following definitions:

Transformation – A marked change in form, nature or appearance

Evolution – The gradual development of something

Transformation, tends to be the term we use to describe the technology changes within an organisation. Transformation implies we are going to immediately stop and change direction. It’s more immediate! It’s more urgent! I however think Evolution is a better term to describe the System changes, technology and software updates which are being taken on by organisations. It is not immediate, it is not done with urgency in a lot of cases and it’s a carefully considered business decision to commit to a gradual change, a step change to utilising more technology, automating previously paper based process and increasing customer satisfaction through better use of web sites and apps…

Before beginning your journey, think about, what would benefit your business? What would you like to do better? Evolution or Transformation should not be system driven, it should be outcome driven. Think about what you want to achieve, better customer service? Data driven decision making?

Evolution implies there is an end, constant evolution, we talk about CPD what about CTE, continuous technology evolution. There are people out there resistant to change, they need to understand that this is the way industry and business is going. The addition of chat bots to help service customers with everyday needs, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning means that we can help people get what they want without human interaction. Augmented reality means they can essentially try before they buy, imagine being able to see what windows will look like fitted to your property without having them fitted! Virtual Reality means they can take a tour and look at how their house will be improved, observe from every angle, are they happy with how they look? It’s a little like test driving a car, the world is no longer a big scary place, the scale of it hasn't changed. It is technology making the world we live in seem smaller, more accessible. I can communicate with my uncle who lives in New York in seconds via whasApp. We can fly across the world in 24 hours and its getting faster! The demands for better, faster, cheaper are growing your customers want it, why not give it to them?

The reality is, people demand digital technology, the demographic of our country is ageing. The reality is more people are becoming tech savvy, elderly people have Wi-Fi and smart phones, more importantly they know how to use them! Watch a toddler in front of a TV, they poke and prod it, they are used to touch screen because, guess what? They have been using mommy and daddies smart phone for years. What’s my point, if you want to maintain your business it helps to keep pace with technology! People want it, people are more likely to use it. We now have the facebook generation who won’t pick up the phone, they stand next to each other and talk to them via chat (believe me I’ve seen it!) Your customers want to interact digitally through technology, let them. Change is becoming necessity, join the EVOLUTION, once you’ve joined you can keep pace with technology changes and make sure your business is not left behind!

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The Christmas countdown continues, update on out and about, charity news, competition update and I will be talking about things that should be on your Christmas list!

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