Happy New Year… It’s cold, bring on the summer!

Happy New Year… It’s cold, bring on the summer!

Hello and Welcome!

Christmas is out of the way for another year and I’m sure summer is on everyone’s mind (I know it’s on mine). I’m fed up of the cold now…

We are moving the blog to monthly but content will be more centered within the software industry, what’s hot, what’s not! How can software help you? How can you procure a system that gives you what you want? Hopefully 2019 will be a fruitful year for all…

Last time…

We reviewed 2018, it was a busy but fruitful year for me hopefully it was a good one for all of my loyal readers…

Spot the ball was a huge success with 3 people successfully identifying where the ball was. They should have received their Amazon Echo Dot before Christmas and hopefully they had fun with them over the break… Here are the winners:

John Mannell – Prentice Glass Ltd.

Martyn Rollason – Minitab Ltd.

James McMahon – He has already argued with Alexa

Well done to the lucky winners and enjoy using your new toy, try not to have too many heated discussions with her!

This time…

I’m keeping this one short and sweet, I’ll let everyone settle back into work before we get into the knitty gritty! Hopefully we all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year, so far so good…

Next Time…

Update of out and about, an update on charity news and I will talk about the different software solutions available for your business.

Thanks for reading…


All the best


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Martyn Rollason

Minitab Ltd.


John Mannell

Prentice Glass Ltd.


James McMahon

 LMD Vacuum Excavation Ltd


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