Introducing our Software Superheroes!

Introducing our Software Superheroes!

Hi everyone and welcome back!

I hope you enjoyed my take on data mine(field?). During this blog post I will be, introducing one of our project teams, We start our Christmas Countdown...

Only 60 Days to go!

“Out and About with Rob” 

latest charity news, We also preview the next blog topic...



Our BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council) web refresh project is going well and will be live very soon:

“How are your software projects managed? Are you a software superhero?”

Waterfall – Project scope clearly defined in advance of development starting and is tightly controlled, this tends to be a more cost effective way but is less flexible in terms of scope.

If you know what you want, this approach will help you get there…

Agile – Fluid scope allows for changes mid project, cost is less tightly controlled but gives more flexibility for development. Requires close and constant communication between client and development team.

You know the outcome, don’t know how to get there this approach will help…

Other Stuff…

Christmas Countdown 

My last blog will be going out on the 7th December. We still have some Echo Dots, so I will be running another competition between now and then. Stay tuned for your chance to win! We will be open for business all the way up to Christmas Eve so get in touch if you need anything…

Charity News

Watch this space for more charity news, I will be taking on a few more challenges next year. Lake District hike for Macmillan and Yorkshire 3 peaks in spring 2019. There will be more group events to talk about and get involved in.

Next Time…

Further updates “out and about with Rob”, I will be talking about, “Digital transformation or process evolution?” More charity news and competition winner’s pictures.


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