Is your business affected by Brexit? Are you a FENSA or GGF Member? Sign up now for your FREE Business Technology Health check…

Is your business affected by Brexit? Are you a FENSA or GGF Member? Sign up now for your FREE Business Technology Health check…

Hello and Welcome back!

What a month it has been, hope you are all looking forward to the Easter break…? I know I am…

Throughout March I have been attending the GGF Regional events which have been really well attended and informative. I have met some great new people and gained a greater insight into the daily challenges of the Glazing industry.

As a result of that greater understanding, letters have been sent out to all GGF and FENSA members offering a FREE Business Technology Health Check. If you haven’t received yours get in touch! If you would like to take us up on the offer you still have time, 19th April (Good Friday) is the deadline to get the first meetings in, read on in the "this time" section for more detail around what the Health check will cover…

So Brexit has been delayed until October, we must all be asking the question, what is going on here? A phrase involving “smoke and mirrors!” springs to mind - another 6 months of uncertainty, because let’s face it, Brexit is not the problem, it’s the fact that nobody appears to know what it will bring in terms of changes! Will it be like the millennium fiasco, where the whole world was going to crash? Cut to midnight, new years eve 1999, everyone sat watching PC’s with bated breath and guess what… nothing happened! Nevertheless, we need to remember we were not as dependent on IT then as we are now…

That aside I am looking forward to the coming weeks and months. The industry event on everyone’s mind is the FIT Show at the NEC in my hometown of Birmingham. If you need a ticket get in touch and I can send one over to you - my details are at the bottom or go to the "contact us" link. If you’re going, pop along to stand number F40 and come for a chat as we’ll all be there, Borough IT, BFRC, GGFi, FENSA, RISA and of course the GGF. There will be lots of activities to take part in along with competitions where you could be one of the lucky winners. For other events I am attending, take a look at "out and about with Rob" (top left).

Last time…

Connecting data with people or people with data? How supermarkets and other businesses use your data to create growth. Could you scale this for your own business?

This time…

We were going to talk about Brexit but now it isn’t happening we’ll probably do that in… 2020 (if it gets sorted by then!) Let’s park it for a few months…

However, up until the 19th April, we are taking bookings for a FREE Business Technology Health check. As part of our ongoing commitment to FENSA and GGF members, we’re delighted to offer you a free digital consultation, which we call a Business Technology Health Check. In this we will look at the following:

  • Management Reporting - how do your managers’ report on their business unit?
  • Online presence, Website Design & Branding, Apps – are you maximising your online potential? Are your sites customer friendly and optimized to support your business?
  • Social Media Audit – is your voice correct across all channels? Are they updated regularly and relevant to your audience?
  • Business Systems & Processes - what processes could be automated? Is what you have user friendly?

How often do you refresh the data you hold and is it GDPR Compliant?

In addition to the above we can look at any systems and processes you have in place which you feel are past their prime. The idea behind the health check is to give you some ideas around how your online presence and software options can help your business grow. We have a huge amount of expertise in these areas and we want you to benefit from our experience.

** Still using spreadsheets & Word to run your business? Get in touch with me and book your FREE Health check **

Charity News…

In my spare time I have been taking an active role in the SleepPod project, a shelter for rough sleepers. The SleepPod has thermal properties - it has been tested at an outside temperature of -6 degrees and maintained an internal temperature of +11 degrees. This is going to save lives! The project aims to fund 500 SleepPods deployed free of charge for people who need them. This is not going to solve the huge, worldwide homeless problem but hey let’s keep people safe and warm while they are down on their luck. For more information visit the link at the bottom of this post.

Next Time…

There will be an update of out and about, charity news and we will talk about the FIT Show as it’s shaping up to be a great show. Enjoy what’s left of the April showers, summer’s coming!

Hopefully you have found this interesting, thanks for reading… The next blog will be released on Monday 13th May.


All the best and Happy Easter!


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