SANTAAA! Is coming very, very soon… Don’t be a cotton headed ninny muggins!

SANTAAA! Is coming very, very soon… Don’t be a cotton headed ninny muggins!

Hello and Welcome to my last but one blog of 2018!

I am looking forward to The Construction Marketing Awards on the 29th of this month, it is shaping up to be a fantastic occasion… The big occasion on everyone’s mind is Christmas! Is everybody looking forward to their festivities?

After this edition there will be only one more blog! The Christmas competition will be a cracker, I’ll give you one clue, its retro…

Last time…

We focused on digital transformation and evolution, “from the cave to the cloud.” I hope you enjoyed reading…

This time…

Finally, we have some photos of the competition winners, my sincere apologies for the delay on getting the prizes to you guys.

I do hope you enjoy using the echo dots, what will you use them for?

Well done!

Abigail Chapman – Slimline Aluminium and Glazing Systems

Gurdip Sodhi – ORLO Tech

Jon Collins – Armor

Phil Brown – Pilkington UK Ltd NSG Group

Thanks for the pictures guys…

Well the party season is upon us, Christmas parties are being booked, online sales are rocketing and you are probably seeing “Black Friday!” everywhere. I have to say, if you can, Black Friday is a good time to buy (I bought a whole bathroom last Black Friday and saved hundreds!) My only advice is don’t buy for the sake of buying, if you need / want something buy it on Black Friday. A little closer to home, echo dots have been reduced! You can now buy the Amazon Echo Dots for £19.99 (we paid substantially more for them!) However, hold fire as we have four more to give away in our Christmas competition, which will be in my final blog of the year published in the usual place on the 7th December.

Charity News…

It is confirmed I am definitely doing The Yorkshire Three Peaks next year (watch this space for dates.) We are deciding on which charity to support any suggestions welcome?

Next Time…

The Christmas countdown continues, the Christmas competition unveiled, out and about, charity news, and I will be rounding up the year ready to start my own Christmas prep!

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave comments and feedback.


All the best


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